Tuesday, 2 March 2010

A collection of hoarders!

Spring is slowly appearing. The crocuses are beginning to poke up, the days are longer and after school the kids are kicking their football around using my car as the goal post! However, this morning there is a heavy frost even in our seaside town, reminding us that we have not quite seen the back of winter.
Our clear out continues. Over the weekend we cleared out most of Ian's kitchen and removed the units. We then took some of the old cabinets to Ian's mother's house for her to use as craft cupboards in her shed. Ian has a tendancy to collect things and has bits and pieces everywhere. Mostly this means that when he needs something he can't remember where it is and so has to go and buy more! Ian's mother is the same and by all accounts his father was even worse so I fear that Ian has inherited a double dose of the hoarding gene! Ian started to help his mother sort out her cupboards. One box was full of old half empty paint cans of various speciality finishes. There were three tins of Lambretta paint which made me smile as the Lambretta was sold in 1976!

I am now attempting to sell off some of my old clothes on Ebay! One thing I found in the back of my wardrobe was an old evening dress, worn once! The date on the label was 1986 and so now should be desirable as a retro item!

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Chairman Bill said...

Lambretta paint? WOW! Wish I had sonme of that in my garage. Believe me, that will come in handy one day.