Saturday, 13 March 2010

Signs of an election approaching

I am by myself this weekend as Ian is still in France. I have spent the day trying to catch up with things in the house, inluding 2 hours of ironing! Progress is slow and my boredom threshold is low so although I have made progress there is still more to do!

We had a leaflet posted through the door last week about a 'street meeting' at 4.00pm today, with our local community support officers. I can't say that I was terribly interested in attending but at 4.00 a very 'Women's Institute' type knocked loudly on the door and asked me if I was coming. She identified herself as a local councillor. I guess my naughty schoolgirl guilt got the better of me so I hurredly put on my shoes and went out into the cold. One other neighbour was there. I know the rest were in as I could see their cars but they had sensibly stayed away from the front door!

The community support officers are known as the teletubbies around here as they are round and yellow. The two who turned up were not particularly round but one had the air of someone who wanted to be a proper policeman and the other would probably have been more suited in a job in public relations. They certainly didn't seem to have anything interesting to say. In fact they didn't say much at all.

The councillor could obviously smell an election and had already steroetyped everyone around here as rather stupid. I did not make any attempt to disillusion her and thought it was quite interesting that she seemed totally incapable of making eye contact with anyone. After 10 minutes they decided that they were wasting their time and we all went back indoors.

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