Monday, 26 January 2009

The coast road to Brighton

A very quick entry tonight as the blogging has been a little slow over the last few days. It's not that nothing has happened as there is always something to write about but just that I have not been able to get my brain clear enough to put it down in words as Ian and I are in the middle of long discussions about plasterboard walls, underfloor heating, cheap toilets on eBay, the best way to lay out the bedroom (negotiations required!) and the bathroom furniture (more negotiations)! But.. I am now back at work...

Today I drove to Brighton along the coast road and the irony of Peacehaven struck me; as it is certainly not a haven nor particularly peaceful! On the main road there was a burnt out carpet shop; probably the result of an 'insurance job'. I would imagine the recession will see many more of these types of 'accidents'. Going along the coast you get to Telscombe Cliffs; marginally better and at least there are some nice sea views! A little further on Saltdean still looks like something out of the 1930s, complete with the lido and the White Cliffs cafe and then things move more and more upmarket until you get to Rottingdean, complete with the organic greengrocer and private members club! After that I headed inland and into Brighton itself!


Michael House said...

so rottindean is the least rotten of the lot then?

Philip said...

Thanks for your post.

I live in Australia and I visited Rottingdean last November 2008 for a month. My Aunt lives in Rottingdean around the corner from the High Street. I walked along the Under Cliffs almost every day. I started my own Blog about Rottingdean when I returned to Australia. I hope to be back in Rottingdean again next September 2009. I posted a link to your post on my Blog.

Thanks again