Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Nearly a house but not a home (yet)

I am feeling a little left out tonight. Ian reported back on the progress of the house but as I wasn't there this time I am struggling to picture it in my head. Apparently the walls are finished and the roof is going on as we speak so it is probably looking more like a house than before. Ian took some photos but hasn't had time to email them to me and I haven't seen him since he got back. Ian met someone about building the interior staircase and a heating engineer. There are a lot of complicated decisions to make. The ground source heating is definitely the better option from an environmental perspective but by the time we have 'paid back' the cost of the installation in savings to the electric bill we will probably be ready to sell up and the technology will be dated. Most people opt for electric heaters or oil fired heating at this point (we have no room for a log burner and no source of cheap logs) but somehow I will be really disappointed if we have to make that compromise.

Some things have not turned out quite as we thought, either because of the design, the builders or they are just not as we imagined. This is just part of it I think. Some things are better, some not so good and as with all houses it is a compromise. It is beginning to develop an existence of its own from the pile of blocks we first saw.

I firmly believe that all buildings have an energy of their own. I can usually feel it when I walk in and know instantly whether I want to live in a house. Maybe the energy comes from its past and its inhabitants but what happens when something is brand new? I think that maybe the energy of those that constructed it is important which is why I am glad we chose our builder.

That is why I am disappointed that I didn't get to go in person this time as even though I can see the pictures it is not the same as being there in person and feeling the house as it develops.

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