Saturday, 10 January 2009

Roland rat and foxy loxy

The cold weather brings the wildlife (that normally finds plenty to eat up on the Downs) closer to civilization where the 'supermarkets' are better stocked! My compost heap has provided a nice warm home and source of food for a family of rats. I first noticed them just before Christmas but couldn't do anything about it until this week. The tunnels under the shed and the smell of rat urine were indicative, according to the rat man, of infestation, so it has been baited and I await the discovery of dead rat over the next few days. The rat man gave me a health and safety leaflet about the poison he had put down and we had a joke about health and safety in general.

I don't like the idea of poisoning rats but then I can't run the risk of them spreading to my house or the neighbours houses so reluctantly the rat man was called.

Yesterday morning I saw two foxes washing themselves on my lawn. I managed to get a picture of one. I hope they don't get affected by the poison or the dead rats. Rat man thought it was unlikely but did say that wherever you get rats you also get foxes.

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Michael House said...

I think everyone I know has a rat problem here in Treknow at present, including us, you are not alone. Amazing how common they are when you start talking about them, which we all tend not to! We have had the rat man visit too, I hate to kill them, but I can see no option.