Thursday, 7 January 2010

Artic chill

It has been cold and snowy as predicted. This means that the virtually no one got to work yesterday and a fair few stayed at home today amid recommendations not to travel unless it is essential. (Quite what constitutes essential is not clear, although for most of my work it is not essentail for me to sit in my office and do it and no self-respecting student would consider it essential that they turn up for a lecture! We have had some watery sunshine today but the temperature was too low for it to melt the ice.

Yesterday I spent some time shovelling snow, which was better than going to the gym and reminded me of my days in Nova Scotia when I used to shovel out the whole drive and the snow drifts came to the top of the windows! Today I wandered out to put some food out for the birds and made some spicey parsnip soup (good to keep you warm!)
Despite what has been reported in the press our street was gritted and our bucket of grit filled so that we can keep the Close clear (not that many of my neighbours seem to see that as their job). In Canada you were expected to clear snow from your drive unless you were disabled.


Chairman Bill said...

You want to try living in a caravan. No water at all since last night. We are, however, as warm as toast - despite me getting up twice in the night to bank up the wood burner (as a result of being on hypertension medication and the consequent effect on one's bladder).

Lovely's Blot said...

It was a bit like that at the house. The toilet froze and the fridge defrosted as it was too cold but in the room that we set up we were warm. Ian always has to get up to pee several times a night!