Tuesday, 19 January 2010


Ian says that men have 2000 words a day to use up and women have 8000, which is why he thinks that I am going on too much about things and I think he is disinterested sometimes. Today I spent most of the day in my office working alone and my 2 hour French class was not enough to use up my 8000. Ian had a stressful day at work so he had already used up his 2000 words before I spoke with him on the phone so was not up for more conversation!

The snow has gone (although there is a possibility of a little more tomorrow). Pretty much everyone was fed up with it as most people were unable to get out and get on with their normal jobs. Staying indoors was warmer and safer but everyone seemed to have a bit if cabin fever after a few days. Things are slowly returning to normal and we are getting back into the normal routine.


The Spiv said...

Normal??? From someone wanting to become a llama farmer in France? I dread to think what normality could be in your house. ;)

Seriously though, good luck with it - I'm really jealous that you are going to live your dream over there. Just a thought - when we were over there last June, there was a couple with four llamas walking through the streets of Angouleme.... Not you taking some livestock over there, I assume?

Lovely's Blot said...

no..probably got an idea who it is 'though!