Wednesday, 20 January 2010

The mad hatter's tea party

The discussion in today's meeting went something like this

"I would like us to think about how we coped in the recent snow..Well we realise that we could improve communication a bit. And we've found out about a really good way that we can do it.. Apparently there's a way that we can send SMS messages to everyone who signs up to the service to tell them when we are cancelling classes.. really..yes.. is it expensive? Well we get 2000 inclusive messages and then we might have to consider whether we can afford to send any more.. but we might not need to tell everyone in the school. well apparently you can work it out so that you just send the message to specifc groups. really, that's amazing.. yes, apparently other universities have been doing it for child's primary school does it..I suppose we should look into it..."

I sat there wondering whether I had somehow entered a parallel universe and decided that if I even attempted to say anything that I considered sensible I would sound like the madest mad person from the planet mad. Instead I sat quietly and thought of llamas.


Chairman Bill said...

How about sending them jus to the teachers/lecturers?

Lovely's Blot said...

well problem was the decision to close the building was taken after most of the students and staff had started their journey. I was just amazed at the fact that a good number of people in the room didn't know what a SMS was.