Sunday, 10 January 2010

Pictures of the white stuff.

Ian and I have just returned from a walk up on the Downs. The footpaths were well trodden down and there were more people there than there were in town or on the roads, mostly enjoying the chance to have fun. I saw several grown men and women screaming down the hill on sleds made of tea trays, skateboards minus and the wheels and sheets of plastic. In fact the slope was so well compacted down it would have rivaled many of the groomed pistes in the Alps.

At the top of the Downs the snow was pretty deep in places as you can see from how close it came to the top of Ian's wellies. The sky was quite grey and but everywhere you looked was white. It was almost like a whiteout conditions that you get skiing.

As it was 2 degrees above freezing today and some of the snow was beginning to melt I think we all thought we should just get out and look and it while it is still there as it is so rare for this part of the world!

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