Wednesday, 13 January 2010

More snow (hopefully the last for a while)

I can feel my shoulders and upper arms stiffening up as I sit here. My lower back is also feeling a bit tired and  I'm longing to lie in bed and feel that intense almost painful feeling that you get as your muscles start to relax. The cause of my fatigue is the weather. The predicted 'light sleet' or 'scattered snow showers' turned into 10cm of snow over the road, car, street and everything that Ian cleared on Saturday. The snow was rather soggy and on top of the icy slush made the roads even worse than they have been in the past few days. Coupled with this, most people did not stay home today so there was gridlocked chaos across the South East. I accepted defeat and did as much work as I could from my home computer. I then decided to try to clear the snow. I find the activity quite therapeutic and probably did it for longer than is wise for my age and body! Still, the road is now clear!

The temperature has now gone up a little and by the end of the afternoon there was the start of a thaw. In town there was little snow left, but up here there is still a good covering.

I put some fat balls out for the birds and the jackdaws found them and were happily tucking in. They are a little large to hang off the tree to feed but that didn't stop them trying! I rather like them. They feed in a gang, with one keeping watch while the rest feed.

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