Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Cameron goes viral

Okay. I said I wasn't going to write about the election again, but today I got an email from David Cameron. It was addressed to me personally.
Dear Linda,
Next month, you'll get to choose a new government. But don't just choose it, be a part of it. I mean it. We've got big problems in this country and the truth is politicians can't do everything on their own. We need your energy, your ideas, your passion to get this country moving.
There was an acompanying video. It also asked me to 
spread the word. I'm asking you to send this invitation on to just three friends, workmates or family members. Get them involved too. Extend the invitation. Together we can build the future.

I did and this was the reply:
words escape me, and to think that that idiot might be in charge in a month’s time – oh God

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Michael House said...

I didn't get one. Feel left out now! Hahaha, it is all very scary.