Saturday, 3 April 2010

Essential works

Ian has spent the last couple of days trying to fix the drainage system in place under the house. It is not a very pleasant job as it involves crawling around on all fours in mud under the house. However, once this is finished we can begin to plumb in our toilets and thus eliminate the need for the macerator and temporary pipe work that is held together by black tape. The short comings of this system were apparent this morning when Ian had a sh*t and flushed the loo. The vibrations from the pump disconnected the pipe and liquid sh*t was sprayed all over the bathroom! Fortunately as it was Ian’s sh*t he got to clear it up!

03/04/2010 10:46


Michael House said...

bet you're glad you stayed here!

Michael House said...

oh, woopsy, I should read chronologically, not from the top! I thought you had stayed here!

Chairman Bill said...

Oh crap!