Monday, 12 April 2010

A working holiday

We returned back late last night. The journey was relatively smooth and we made good progress, although as usual it was hard to leave; feeling as always that we are leaving a job unfinished. However, this is the way our lives are and there is progress to report. The render had been finished and the results were rather pleasing. The colour is getting lighter as it dries and even Ian, who is very particular about things, thought that the company had done a very good job. All the corners and edges were perfectly squared off and all was done by hand.

This time last year we had no interior walls and the windows had only just gone in and now we have most of the interior walls, some plumbing, half a fosse septic, drainage and a finsihed exterior with the exception of the shutters.

Ian spent much of the week putting in the drainage pipes under the house. This is not a job that gives you much to see from the outside, but as a result we can now run water direct from the sink and shower into the fosse. He also fitted the shower trays and basins in the guest bathrooms and connected up the drainage for the two toilets.

I also tried to be mindful of the fact that whilst we have to spend a lot of time working we should try to enjoy the moment. I spent a lot of time looking at the view from the terrace (more time than Ian thought I should!) and we also spent some evenings with friends (more details to follow).


Michael House said...

wow, it looks fantastic!

The Spiv said...

I am SOOOOO envious! It's looking great - but it will look better when there are llamas in the fields.