Wednesday, 7 February 2007

Anti social behaviour

Where I live there are just one or two families that cause most of the problems. Sadly the problems are manifested in the behaviour of the children. Around the corner from me there is a family; the mother has mental health/alcohol problems, the eldest boy is a drug addict and dealer, the youngest child shows all the signs of a disturbed life and the daughter of 14 has a criminal record, several ASBOs, has been tagged and spent time in a young offenders institute. At one point the daughter targeted my former next door neighbour and 'moved in'; turning the house into a teenage crack house, staying up all night, and stealing food and money. Ultimately it ended in the girl setting fire to the house, causing thousands of pounds of damage. She is mostly drunk or stoned and hasn't been to school for at least 2 years. I can see very little chance of her having any sort of future and I guess she must see that herself to some degree, perhaps explaining her self destruction. She has been 'going out' with a local lad a year or so older who also has his issues although is not quite as troubled as her. As soon as she is 16 she says she is going to marry him. I wish I could say that they will both live happily ever after.

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