Tuesday, 13 February 2007


On the way to work today I had the radio on in the car and heard on the news that a teenage boy from my town had been found dead from a drugs overdose and my first thoughts was that it was Joanna's son. I felt quite ill until I heard a further on into the broadcast that it was an older boy and that different issues were involved. Still, it just hit home as to what a serious situation it is and how terrible Joanna must feel every time the phone rings.

My phone rang twice tonight. The first call was from my brother. The boy on the TV last night was not his son although it very well could have been. The second call was from my sister who was very upset. She is currently separating from her partner of 15years and I think tonight was one of those difficult moments when she didn't know whether she wanted to be independent, dependent, single or coupled and just ended up sad. I wish I could make this process easier for her to bear but I know that the only way for the pain to get any less is for her to accept it and feel hurt and sad for a while. I think sometimes the light seems a very long way down the tunnel

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