Monday, 26 February 2007

My mother's knees

My mother’s knees seem to suddenly have started playing her up! Over the last few weeks we have gradually uncovered the fact that she can’t go up and down stairs very comfortably, can’t get on and off the toilet and can’t walk very far without her knees causing her great pain. Of course when you ask more probing questions you discover that this has been coming for a while. Turns out she has not got in the bath for at least a year and has been standing up to use the toilet for several weeks..but uncovering the fine details is like reading a mystery when you only really understand what is going on at the last minute. I ordered her a raised toilet seat to help her get on and off the toilet despite her protestations that she didn’t need one. Once it arrived she admitted that she liked it so much she might get another one for the downstairs toilet! Mothers….!!!

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