Sunday, 11 February 2007


Today my neighbour's son (called Pee) bought us a couple of bikes to fix. Pee loves playing with bikes. He can stand in the workshop for ages and talk with Ian about bikes, and tools, and engines, and girls, and farting and any other boy kind of conversation that you can think of. He lives with lots of girls and they don't really approve of his boy-type behaviour; but in the shed he can be free to do as wishes in this respect. Meaningful conversation about how to mend a puncture, true a wheel, oil a chain etc; is interspersed with the occasional light hearted question about the size of girls' backsides and why girls spend so long in the bathroom. After an hour or two in the shed fixing things with Ian, Pee takes his mended bikes home. Pee always listens when I say that Ian is coming down this weekend and when Ian steps out of the house Pee is there waiting for him

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