Sunday, 8 June 2008

Chaverley and skunk

We have rather uncharitably nicknamed the friend of Ian's neighbour skunk, due the fact that she has very dark hair with a wide blond streak running down the centre. When I arrived on Friday night she was standing in the window wearing a bra and pants with a bottle of beer in her hand. They proceeded to shout at their children, swear, drink and talk all night (including a shouting match at 4.a.m.)

With regard to their dress sense, they should perhaps heed the advice in 'modern manners'.

"Women go to the office, shop, travel and go around town in the kind of bare-shouldered, bare-necked sun-dressed that used to only be worn for the one can deny that they are deliciously comfortable to wear on a hot day. But Captain Fogey's views should be taken into account. ....he can be heard to remark that girls are turning the place into a beach cafe. So our advice must be: When in doubt-put on a bolero."

Actually bare shoulders are the least of my concerns now. It is the low cut jeans that are so low you can see a line of pubic hair hanging over the top and a 'Muffin top' in the middle!


Michael House said...

I thought they were going out of fashion? But they still seem to be around. I get completely fascinated by the low slung trousers young boys still wear (perhaps we are behind the times in Cornwall), which look like they should fall down at any moment. I can't help imagining giving them a sharp tug! Vx

Lovely's Blot said...

my nephew wears jeans like that. You have to thrust your hips forward to stop them falling down!