Monday, 2 June 2008

Flaming June

This year and last year were the wettest years anyone can remember in the Dordogne; or so everyone told us this weekend. As we stepped off the plane it started to thunder and we were soaked getting from the aircraft to the arrivals hall (Ryan Air does not generally use the covered walkways but there aren't any at Bergerac anyway- neither is there a radar; making landing a little tricky in bad weather!). Although we had some sunny moments it mostly rained on and off all weekend. The cellar and foundations have 53cm of water in them so Ian has asked the builder to put in a drain around the cellar to avoid having to use an electric pump all winter! The farmer was cross because it is too wet to plough and sow, and too wet for the grapes. 2008 will not be a vintage year for French wine! The builder was stressed because he hadn't managed to make the progress he had hoped on the house and everyone was becoming more grumpy by the minute!

We returned to Stansted to a dark, damp, drizzly evening more reminiscent of April than June!

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