Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Sisters tales

My sister told me more about her performance at the triathlon world championships in Canada.

"The water was really cold..but when you look at the sea temperatures in Vancouver for the last 15 years they are often cold this time of year so the organisers must have known that was a possibility"

"There were 4 rescue canoes for 100 swimmers. I got in the water and by the time I reached the first buoy I couldn't feel my arms and legs as I was so cold and numb. I wanted to get out but the rescue boats couldn't see me. In fact it was so rough two out of the four rescue boats capsized. I couldn't get my breath and thought I was going to drown"

"After this the organisers decided that they couldn't guarantee the safety of the competitors abandoned the swim"

"It wasn't a good race for me but in the end I was glad I managed to finish. I was so cold in transition the marshalls had to help me do up my cycle helmet and jacket. They are not supposed to help you but I was too cold to do it."

"Will you look after my cat temporarily for 6 months so that I can move in with my boyfriend?"


Michael House said...

Well, will you look after the cat? Take about a non sequitor (or however it is spelt) after all that life threatening and exciting stuff. Is she only going to live with her boyfriend for 6 months or is she hoping he will come to love cats within the time limit? V x

Lovely's Blot said...

Still trying to decide about the cat! I want to help but am a bit worried as Mandi is such a neurotic hairball I don't know whether he will cope with the competition! Her boyfriend lives in a place where they can't have cats. If it works out they will buy somewhere together after Christmas and I would only take the cat on the grounds that she would take it back then.. I can just see 6months spreading to a year and then ending up with 3 cats; which I don't really want!

Michael House said...

I know what you mean, the time can so easily go on, and it will take them a while to buy a place presumably etc., etc. then you'll be in the process of your move