Sunday, 8 June 2008

Definately not the best of times!

My sister has been competing in the world triathlon championships in Canada this weekend. It was in Vancouver but unfortunately we were not able to go and see it this time due to time and cost. We did, however, watch the live streaming of the start and finish of the event. She was in the 45-49 age group category and they set off at around 8.30 a.m. It was 9 degrees Celsius and the sea temperature was 12.5. They cut the length of the swim down for safety reasons but by the time she got in the water the wind had picked up and after her race they cancelled this swim part for the other competitors. We waited anxiously to see her time as she left the water. She was one of the last out; 15 minutes behind the others and we though things must have been tough. We caught glimpses of her times through the various transitions and she seemed to make up a bit of time. We saw her cross the finish line in 56th place and she was smiling and in one piece. We sent her a text message and here is the conversation we had!

Just saw u x finish line. Well done. Nice smile at end! L&Ixxx

yes but that was cos it was over. Swim a nightmare. We were last group to do it then they change to run bike run. Funny sent all disabled and women on swim and then decided not safe for men!

PS do you know my time and place?

Not sure of time but place was about 56 and Ian thinks time was about 2.42.

Would be happy with that considering nearly drowned on swim.

We realised swim did not go well as u were 65 out of water and 15 minutes behind leader so did well 2 finish where u did.

Yeah didn't go well is an understatement. Seriously choppy and never been in water that cold.

How many finished in my group. 56 out of ?

72. 4 did not finish including one gb girl and many treated 4 hypothermia.

Well i would have got out but the boat couldn't see me in the waves. Enjoying the cold and rain here now from the inside of a bar.X

Good to see she is okay and can joke about it but I guess she will not be classing this as one of the best days of her life!

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