Tuesday, 3 June 2008

More french wildlife

As on our previous visit, we saw our fair share of wildlife. Our first encounter was a bit tragic as we drove around a corner and I shouted out to Ian "Look out! There's a stick/snake in the road!" My warnings however were a bit late and unfortunately we drove over a large snake about a metre long. We saw it out the window writhing around but we were too scared to know what to do other than leave it and hope that it at least got a quick end as dinner for a hungry bird of prey. It later transpired that it was most likely a Couleuvre (grass snake) and completely harmless (as are the majority of French snakes). We did in deed see many birds of prey out looking for supper and another red squirrel but the most exiting thing was a young deer about 150 metres away (hence the poor photo). He caught wind of us and stood rooted to the spot in the hope that we would not notice him!

I also got a rare treat while I was sitting in the car waiting for Ian to do a deal with the local farmer who wanted to buy our hay. A woodpecker suddenly appeared on an old bath in front of the house as proceeded to feed what looked like baby chicks (or Mrs woodpecker) who seemed to have a nest in the hole where the water pipe came out! Oh well, easier than a tree!

04.06.08: Just found out the bird we saw was actually an

Eurasian Hoopoe, full name Upupa epops. What a great name for a great bird!

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Michael House said...

Great upupa epops! I don't think we got those in Cornwall.