Thursday, 9 October 2008

The dangers of getting involved at work

Today has been irritating! The problem is that up until the last week or so my heart was still in France but then it slowly got tugged back to work and I found myself more and more entwined. The problem with that is that the more that I get involved the more irritated I get and I had finally had enough today when I learned (through the circles of gossip) that the boss is off on 4 weeks holiday from Monday. Not that I begrudge her that but as I have to give weeks of notice, get it approved, negotiate it with my team and arrange cover for my work when I go away it did feel very much like there was one rule for us and one for the boss. Anyway I made my feelings clear which also didn't go down too well! The good news is it will not take long for me disentangle myself from work the week after next when we head over to France again! My challenge is to stay disentangled for as long as possible when I get back. It would be good to make it as far as Christmas.

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