Sunday, 5 October 2008

Llama house

We are going over to France in October for a week and Ian had hoped to be able to progress with the house but as we are unlikely to have any walls by then I guess that will not happen! So, we want to use the time productively. Doing the fencing is really too big a job but Ian suggested that building a field shelter for the llamas might be a good thing to do..Okay, we haven't got any llamas or a house for us yet but you have to start somewhere! Ian was keen so looked up patterns for mobile field shelters (it has to be a temporary structure or we need planning consent). In the meantime I looked up 'field shelters-llamas' on Google. Now here we have the difficulty. A mobile field shelter needs to be quite solid so that when you tow it across the field it doesn't fall apart; whereas llamas get claustrophobia and prefer a more 'open-plan' style! I think we will have to design our own!

Talking of llamas, Matthew Parris (a part time llama farmer himself) wrote a funny piece in the Spectator about the economy and the bottom dropping out of the Llama market. Good news for us as by the time they are at rock bottom we may be ready to buy!

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