Tuesday, 7 October 2008

The sh*t will always hit the fan eventually!

I can't help thinking that work is a microcosm for life in general. There have been a few issues lurking around at work that those in power have been aware of for a while but have adopted a perplexed laissez-faire attitude about; until now. Well, guess what has happened? The mistakes got more noticeable and the sh*t (which had been ignored for a while) has well and truly begun to hit the fan and we will all feel the fall-out very soon. I couldn't help but notice that this was akin to the events in the economy where the various governments have been aware for a long time that all was not well with the major banks, their dealings and their integrity but adopted a similar approach to that of the big chiefs at work and let it be. When the sh*t happened they seem a bit surprised to find that all the major economies of the world are now about to be flushed down the toilet and Iceland was declared bankrupt on the basis of a rumour concerning something that someone said in Germany.

Ian and I talked about it on the phone tonight, (the closest we get to an intimate relationship on weekdays). We both agreed that having been in the position when one day we thought we had it all and then seemingly a day or so later realising that we probably had nothing, that all this about the economy was relatively minor.

Interestingly I can remember discussing with my brother how the trading floor worked a few years ago. It seemed to be run mainly on suspicion and something akin to witchcraft. Most market crashes happen in Autumn because that's when everything happens in the city and every autumn they get jittery (Halloween also happens about then). When my brother was a trader he would only open his book at a time with a number 7 in it (IE. 8:07, 7.57) as he liked the number 7. He was not alone in having these various superstitions and beliefs. Most people that are traders are basically gamblers and if they weren't employed gambling with the banks' money would be down the betting shop. We all know the downside of addiction!

NB: My brother seems to have come out the other side and is now the most cautious person I know when it comes to money"!

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