Monday, 13 October 2008

Do you believe everything you read?

We are going to France by Eurotunnel again but the recent fire means that the crossings are not so frequent and we could not get the exact times that we wanted. When the fire happened (the most serious fire in the history of the tunnel) I did notice that it happened on 11th September or 9/11; the anniversary of the terrorist attack on the twin towers. It was surprising that the usually speculative press made not one mention of this fact. In fact it was universally accepted that it was caused by a fire on a lorry caused by hazardous chemicals (forbidden on the tunnel) and by a lorry tipping over (an impossibility). I am not a great one to believe in conspiracy theories (I think Princess Diana really was killed by a reckless driver) but the facts in this case seem vague and the lack of speculation seems improbable. There are a few mentions of this on various websites but if there really is a government cover-up then expect this blog to disappear forthwith!


Anonymous said...

Nah, we aren't going ANYWHERE.


Michael House said...

I hadnt noticed, but you are right. ho hum!