Monday, 18 February 2008

Doggy agility

After a break due to winter, the cold, a bout of kennel cough and being busy I returned to my job of taking Bambi the hearing dog, to agility classes. Bambi's owner is now well enough to join us so we all piled into the front of my old Ford Fiesta and drove off into the freezing cold to the class. The one thing that always strikes me about dog agility classes is the noise. There are usually over 30 dogs, from naughty terriers and poodles to collies and even papillions! The excitement is overwhelming, the dogs are faster than the owners and mostly the handlers and dogs forget where they are going and end up going the wrong way over the fences, missing poles in 'the weave' and opting out of the see-saw! My favourite dog is Barney the bastard, a rescue Jack Russell who in the past has attacked several of the other owners and a few of the other dogs. Given the chance for a minute he would like to do it again but now he is mostly under control and tears around the course in a frenzy. When he has finished he plays 'tug' with a long rope and his owner. He has one of those looks that lets you know that he is so nearly in charge and he knows it! I would love to have a go at it myself but need to find a dog first!

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