Thursday, 28 February 2008

More on blogging

Today I have had a good day playing with the Blog! I learnt how to put in a gizmo thing that gives you details of the latest weather, how to count the number of people who visit the site (not very impressive at the moment but then I only put it on today) and how to put a reasonably sized photo on my 'header'. The above photo is of the land in France. It will be the view from the bedroom window.

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Michael House said...

What a fantastic view from your window! I want to change my header photo, but it took me so long to get it done and I can't think what to put instead! I love the weather gizmo too, must get that one! Have got the Amazon one, but don't know how to add to it/change it. May add the happiness thing if i turn out to be happy enough, don't want to frighten the potential punters away by turning out to be a miserable git.