Tuesday, 12 February 2008

More from the neighbours

I don't know what I would find to write about if I didn't have such colourful neighbours. My next door neighbour tapped on the door this evening and asked me whether we shouldn't do something about the young woman who lives in the house the other side of me. Apparently she had been standing on the doorstep for over 2 hours. Millie (next door) had seen her arrive in a taxi about 5.00pm and she had been unable to get in the house. When Millie returned from the gym 2 hours later she was still there. I hadn't noticed her as the front door was in darkness, she was wearing a dark coat and was almost motionless. It's pretty cold tonight so we asked her if she was okay and if she needed help. She said she was okay and didn't need anything but looked very sedated. (This was the neighbour who set fire to the house; see strange dream May 2007). Well, we were worried and didn't know where her husband was or where her family live so initially I reported it to the police as I didn't want to wake up to find a frozen body on the doorstep tomorrow. After a while I decided to take her a cup of tea and I think maybe her medication had worn off a little and she was a bit more communicative. She knew her husband's mobile number so I called him and he came over and let her in. (He then went straight back out again to his brothers). I must say I am quite sympathetic to their situation. He is only 20 and she is even younger, they have a young baby and now she has mental health problems and a forensic history. I don't know the exact problem but it looks like she is on some pretty heavy duty medication and can't be much company for him. I think he probably does the best he can for someone of 20.

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