Tuesday, 26 February 2008


Bambi's owner is called Marjorie. In the past I have picked up the dog and taken it to the agility class and not really had much chance to talk with Marjorie. Now she comes with me we have a chance to talk in the car. It is not so much of a conversation as a monologue from Marjorie, as her hearing problems prevent her from understanding what you say to her with all the background noise from the road. Never-the-less I got a feel from Marjorie yesterday that her story is very interesting and if I had the time and the patience to listen to it I think there would be a lot that would be of value. She started telling me about how, at a young age she was placed in children's home as her mother couldn't afford to care for her, how she talked her way into an office job in a legal firm and really enjoyed it, how she had no money to buy herself lunch, that she was married at 18 but after 9 months he died.. (She did not tell the story in that order; I had to piece it together!). Unfortunately I didn't get to hear any more as we arrived at the dog class!

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