Sunday, 7 February 2010

Clearing out the shed

We have had a really quiet weekend; the quietest for a long time. Ian was tired as he is coming to the end of his job and all that entails and I have been trying to cope with a cold and chest infection for the past week. The only real thing I did this week was to put my old touring bike for sale on Ebay. I bought it in 1985 and because I am like that, I still have the receipt! It was my first decent bike and I used it for numerous one day charity rides and holidays such as the Bordeaux to Barcelona bike ride and the Prague to Venice trip. For the past 10 years it has been largely unridden, although after my illness I put it on rollers in the loft and used it to help me get fit again. I never sold it before as I never thought I would get enough money for it to make up for the sentimental attachment! However, it isn't going to France and I can't take it to the tip so I am hoping that someone will give me a few pounds for it and use it to build themselves a fixed wheel bike for riding in London (the latest thing for cycle couriers)! Time to move on!!

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