Sunday, 14 February 2010

Lazy Sunday

The anticipation of waiting for the auction to finish on my Ebay items is just too much. So much so I am still in bed! Ian joined in this weekend and put his old racing bike frame up for sale. It has great sentimental meaning as he bought it in 1978 (when he was a mere teenager) and raced with it for several years until he discovered girls and university! We then went through and thought about other things that we could sell that we will not need in France, although personally I find the exitement too much to manage too many items at a time!

We had yet more snow last night, although thankfully just enough to dust the cars and grass. I can remember going mountain biking in Wales on the 18th February about 7 years ago and the temperature was 18 degrees whereas this year it has hovered close to zero for most of the month!

I had my usual 6 month follow up and the hospital last week. One thing that the robot on the telephone forgot to explain was that it was with a different consultant. When I arrived they explained that they had put me in to see someone else as my usual consultant was too busy. Now I don't really mind but I think it would have polite to explain that to me on the phone before I arrived! As it turned out the new consultant was actually very nice and quite easy to communicate with. She agreed that I may need to have some treatment for the terrible heart burn I've been having, wasn't too upset that I had taken it on myself to try out some self medication with some old tablets that I was prescribed a couple of years ago, was happy to prescribe another month of medication but did not agree with me that it didn't need investigating! I think she probably worked me out! I also told her about the plans for France as I will need to sort out specialist care there and she was quite helpful.

Anyway, enough blogging. It is Valentine's day and I have promised Ian some bacon sandwiches!

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