Sunday, 14 February 2010

Sunday evening feeling

I am really happy as my old touring bike sold for over £100. I am not bothered about the money. I am just delighted that someone is going to have it who may get some pleasure from it and will appreciate the craftmanship and the simplicity in the design. The bike has taken me over the Alps and the Pyrenees and on various day rides. The person who has bought it is coming down to visit his grandma and will pick it up on the way. I also sold some old mountain bike forks for not too much to someone who is delighted as now he can finish his bike. Ian and I have both been in that position when we were younger when we had no money but desperately wanted bikes and other such things that were good. Tonight I feel the universe is in balance! ( I have also just drunk two large glasses of a very nice red wine so the world is wonderful!)

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