Sunday, 21 February 2010

Moving forward

I met the new owner of my old bike at the station and handed it over. He was a young chap who had bought the bike for his girlfriend. I handed him the original receipt from 1985, which of course was written before he was born. That made me smile! I walked back, bikeless. The sun felt warm for the first time in weeks and as I walked back past a large tree a bird was singing so loudly that spring felt just round the corner.

This afternoon we listened to Joan Baez and I commented that we are so retro we are now trendy! Ian is advertising all his old racing bike bits on Ebay. His old, dented racing frame fetched £41. It feels quite nice to get rid of things that have been hanging around doing nothing. I am also sitting looking at virtually a room full of beer and wine as Ian has his leaving do at work next week and he is expecting about 100 people. It is a strange time for both of us. Sort of the beginning of the actual physical transition between here and our new life.

We also bought a bed, washing machine and a really fancy oven from ebay. It worked out well as Ian's friend is over visiting his parents in Derbyshire, which is just down the road from the showroom. He has also just purchased a new van and so was able to collect everything this weekend.

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Michael House said...

Wow, it is really all happening!