Thursday, 11 February 2010

Even more snow

My bed was very warm and comfortable this morning; so much so that I went back to sleep and let my tea (produced by my teasmade) get cold. I eventually woke up and on the way to the toilet I peeped out from behind the curtain to get a glimpse of the morning. That woke me up pretty quickly as there was 6 inches of snow over everything! I had to go to Brighton today so I got up and walked to the station, picking up a colleague on the way. It was snowing hard as the train headed out of Eastbourne but by Alfriston there was nothing. We arrived in Brighton and stepped out into the sun. The streets were not even wet and we felt a bit daft wearing our walking boots and ski clothes!

I have now become an Ebay adict and check it several times a day to check how many people are watching my item and if I have any more bids!

Some of the snow has gone but there is still a good coating and as the temperature has dropped has frozen into ice.

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Chairman Bill said...

Ski clothes in Brighton? Where are the slopes?