Monday, 10 May 2010

An 'arty' weekend

The weekend was fairly routine although it is quite hard to know what a routine weekend is when we are trying to finish off two houses and move to a third in another country. Saturday was spent shopping with a little bit of kitchen fitting in the afternoon but on Sunday we had a day 'off' and went to the Dulwich artists open house event, which is part of the Dulwich festival. The 'open house' in question belongs to a former colleague of Ian's whose wife makes the most wonderful glass beads. Also there was Ian's friend Madeline, who was showing her photographs taken in Nepal. The house was packed, there were demonstrations of bead making and a string quartet playing. I have to say that this is really not Ian's 'cup of tea' at all but he enjoyed talking houses with the owner (who was looking more and more nervous as total strangers wandered around looking at his possessions). I enjoyed being around such creative people and decided, on impulse,  to order a specially commissioned bead necklace. When I have it I will post a picture but in the meantime this is an example of Francesca's work. (Although the one I have ordered consists of a cluster of crimson beads that look like an exploding flame.)

As all exhibitors work for a European agency the afternoon was conducted in a mixture of English, French and Italian.

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Michael House said...

I absolutely love that necklace!