Monday, 17 May 2010

Getting on with things

Another week has gone by and I realise that I have not written anything since last week. Thoughts and ideas for blogging have come and gone, but mostly gone; whisked up in the rush of getting on with things. It is easy how quickly day to day life takes over and you get caught up in the pressure of 'must be getting on with important things' to the extent that I am actually feeeling guilty about spending some time thinking about things and blogging! I must get over it!

It has been a cold May. I still have my heating on and have done for much of the month. The cold winter and late spring has meant that the blossoms and young bulbs have been particularly colourful and have stayed on the trees longer than ususal. As the weather warms up however, they are now falling quickly. The street was strewn with pink blossom on Saturday and the children were scooping it up to play 'brides'. I took my camera into the garden to get a picture of everything before it all goes. I am trying out some new software from Microsoft, called auto-collage. I have been pretty unimpressed with it but I did manage to get it to create this mix of spring flowers.

We spent most of the weekend trying to repair my workshop/shed/ summerhouse thing in the garden, which turned out to be a pig of a job as it seems to have been built with curved walls and probably constructed with the aid of several cans of Special Brew! I also made a lemon pudding, which turned out to be particularly yummy and put paid to my attempts to diet!


Michael House said...

you appear to be popular in Cheshunt

Lovely's Blot said...

I think Cheshunt is where SKY are routing me today!