Friday, 21 May 2010

A boys' day out

Ian and the digger made it to his friend's house in The Somme in one piece. He breezed through security with just a brief glance at his paperwork and then he was straight onto the shuttle. He decided that he was too tired to drive to the Dordogne today and spent it with his friend. I think really they both needed a day to talk boy talk and admire the digger. I spoke to him tonight..

Me: So what did you do today?
Ian: We were really busy.. We got up and went to Bricomarche (like Wickes) and then we came back and Jean-Paul came over so we went out for lunch...and then we looked at the digger..and then we planned the electrics for Kevin's flats, and then we went over to Jean-Paul's and had some champagne..and now we're back and having something to eat.
Me: Are you p*ssed then?
Ian: Maybe?

I guess this is the boy equivalent of a day out with the girls!

Interestingly the only time we have ever had any problems with security when crossing The Channel was the one time we admitted to having three cans of fire-rated expanding foam filler in the van. It is quite clear that health and safety man is more important than the anti-terrorist squad.

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