Thursday, 27 May 2010

In search of a symbol

We have bought a web domain name for La Ferme and one of the jobs I said I would do is start up a web page and get some marketing material together. I actually think I would have been quite good at marketing had I done that as a career so, as it is something that I quite enjoy it is my job to sort this out. However, whilst I can be creative I am a bit cr*p on the actual skills side! We need a logo for La Ferme. The brief is that it needs to look ok in black and white or colour and fit on the top of the page. I had a few ideas using the outline of the land and the trees but could do no more with it. Enter my neighbour Jon. I have hardly ever spoken to him until recently but it turns out he is a semi-retired graphic artist who specialises in the kind of detailed pen and ink maps that you see in the front of those fantasy fiction books. He has agreed to do the logo for a few sample bottles of the local vino! I have no idea what we will get but whatever it is it will be right!

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