Sunday, 4 May 2008

Birds in spring

There is a chaffinch at Ians place who obviously has his eye on a lady chaffinch and is determined to fight off all competition. Every morning from dawn he attacks the 'enemy' chaffinch in Ian's window. The enemy looks just like him and as hard as he hits him with his beak he just stays put! He did the same thing last year as well!

Mr and Mrs Robbin also came to say hello as we were digging in the garden. As they are incredibly territorial if they could have pecked our eyes out I'm sure they would have done!

After Ian had dug up the ivy that had been growing all over a hedge a wood pigeon decided that the old roots would make a nice nest and flew off into the nearby tree with several bits.

As well as these there are also several very pretty great tits that fly around here. Although I am much more country based I have far fewer small birds there; just many jackdaws and seagulls !Probably because we have too many cats!

Post script: We renamed chaffinch chav-finch due to his aggressive tendencies. IE; butting his head against his enemy until it hurts and he has to stop. We can just imagine him saying "Oy! You looking at my bird!"

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Michael House said...

I knew it,you have two boyfriends! One to do the gardening and one to visit your mum with you.

Chaffinches are noisy blighters, we have some making an almighty racket. They come and pick the fluff off the dog's bed when it is sitting outside! Their babies will have a soft, doggy nest to start life in.