Monday, 12 May 2008

Miserable cow

I find myself a little irritated today! Firstly my green wheelie bin was not emptied again. Tomorrow I will have to phone up and a very apologetic person will put my name down on the list so that it can be emptied on Thursday. This happens more times than not and I just get weary of having to waste time and energy on it. Secondly I bought a new toilet seat which it seems does not fit either of the toilets in the house so I will have to take it back. Thirdly rather than the £14.99 offer price for the seat I seem to have been charged £29.99 (only just noticed). Fourthly, a year ago we asked for some new equipment at work. It was agreed about 6 months ago and it still hasn't arrived and no one seems to know what has happened and when we can expect it (could be because health and safety man is also responsible for ordering!). Fifthly I keep having problems accessing my blog page. Sixthly.........think I have used up my positive thinking supply this week!

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Michael House said...

These little, niggly things are often the most annoying of all. I am always ringing up because our recycling does not get taken. The new toilet seat we got recently, for £29 I think, won't sit properly on the toilet and keeps coming loose, not a comfortable experience!