Monday, 12 May 2008

A nice Christmas present

I have not posted for a while... it is because of a Christmas present! My brother and sister-in-law bought me an organic vegetable garden from a place called rocket gardens for Christmas and it finally arrived, in it's cardboard box, last week. There were about 50 plants, carefully wrapped in straw. On Wednesday I had to remove them carefully, stand them up and water them. The following evenings and most of the weekend were spent digging, sorting out pots, buying compost, and planting out my 'instant garden'! (It is meant to be a patio garden but you would need a very big patio to plant all this stuff!). I felt a tremendous sense of responsibility not to let a single plant die as they had travelled such a long way to get here..and I now have 6 strawberry plants, 4 tomatoes plants, 4 courgettes, peas, beans, rocket and various salad leaves including lettuce (although already the slugs have taken a liking to that). I am watering them daily and standing over them to make sure they survive and so consequently I have not had much time for blogging!

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