Monday, 26 May 2008


My other cat is called Mandi which is short for Mandeleson. Everyone thinks he is a girl but in fact he is a rather inadequate boy-cat, being the victim of many beatings and thrashings by the local toms. He also has a bit of a problem with hairballs and this time of the year I often come home to a nasty mess on the floor, which, on closer inspection turns out to be a hairball encased in body fluids of some description. My vet suggested a nice tasting paste to give the cat when the problem arose, so I cleverly pasted the required amount around Mandi's mouth so that he would lick it off. Unfortunately he was not grateful and in order to express his feelings took himself to the one area of the vegetable garden that the slugs had not yet reached and proceeded to cr*p all over the Swiss chard. He also does not like to have his photo taken! I had 15 goes to get this and it is the only one where his head is anything like facing forwards!

Talking of slugs, Ian collected a large plastic carrier bag full of the b*ggers this morning (after it had rained). We tied them up and put them in the dustbin and now I have visions of them crawling up over the edge to get out!

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Michael House said...

Mandi looks like he is just planning where to dig to have the next cr*p in the flower bed.