Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Suprise in the lecture hall

French was cancelled today. Builders working on the site unearthed what was initially reported as an exploded bomb and then an unexploded bomb. The police were called, the campus evacuated and the bomb disposal unit were called. They are based in Kent so it took 3 hours for them to arrive and tell us that in fact the first reports were correct and it had in deed exploded on impact many years ago and now was a harmless shell! The university was re-opened but by this time everyone with keys had gone to the beach! (Fortunately the weather was gorgeous!) When I heard about it my first reactions were that the bomb was left over from the second world war (the Lufthansa would jettison any left over bombs over the Sussex downs before flying home), however current students and those from overseas are not so aware of our more distant past and immediately thought it was a terrorist attack and wondered why we weren't so bothered. The builders are building new lecture halls where some old buildings once stood. Comment of the day was "you know how you want to say to some students 'you need a good rocket up your arse'; well turns out they very nearly got one!"

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