Friday, 23 May 2008


Today I was at a study day in London. I had forgotten how awful commuting is! On Tuesday I was enjoying the delights of the River Shannon and today I was sitting in a crowded, smelly train while the girl sitting opposite me attempted to cover up her spots with her makeup, another one was having a conversation on her mobile phone to her boyfriend and seemed oblivious to the need to make any vowel sounds other than uuhh and the person on the seat next to me smelled of sick. I arrived hot and stressed after trying to battle with a station full of people to get to my destination. I couldn't imagine that not so long ago this was a daily event, however by the return journey I was already beginning to re-remember the art of dodging moving and stationary objects in order to get to my train and was almost able to block out the sounds and sights around me (helped by a glass of wine before I left for home!). It really is a mad way of existing!

Last night I came to Ian's by public transport. I walked to the bus stop and waited 35 minutes for a bus to take me into town (at a cost of £1.70), the train took over 2 hours, involved 2 changes and cost £25, and then Ian had to come and pick me up from the station (or I had a 30 minute walk). All in all it took 3 hours door to door and by car it takes 1.5 hours and costs about £15 in petrol! I have little incentive to care for the environment!

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