Sunday, 8 March 2009

Conforming to stereotype

I have mentioned that I am trying to learn Tai Chi again and that I thought that age had given me a little more patience with myself. I have to say, however, that I am not sure that this rule is universal. Five of us started the class at the same time. One of them is possibly a little younger than me, one a little older and the other two past retirement. My perception is that those who are a little more mature in years are anxious to learn the whole form as quickly as possible.

As well as being targeted by over 50s dating on Facebook I also get emails for over 50s insurance. This turned out to save me over £100 when renewing my home insurance although I was a bit annoyed when the policy came through the letterbox with it's big red logo 'insurance services for the over 50s'. It was fun, however, to list my expensive mountain bike on the 'all risks' section of the policy!

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Michael House said...

I get a lot of denture adhesive adverts on Facebook! They make me feel very elderly indeed