Sunday, 1 March 2009

It's all Chinese to me!

I mentioned the four toilets in the previous post. They are wall hung toilets and were purchased as a job lot from an e-bay seller for £80 each, which seemed quite reasonable (see picture).

The exact make and origin of the toilets are unclear but they look quite nice. However, Ian will need to go on a plumbing course to learn how to install them as the instructions are vague to say the least!

1. Install the toilet according to the height.
2. Make the position of the hole according to the dimension of the hole at the back side of the toilet.
3. Install the pipe of drainage and the pipe of water-in for the water tank.
4. Drill holes according to the position made before.
5. Install the pull-burst screws.
6. Install the toilet, fix the plastic stuff, and make it be level with the level ruler.
7. Install the screw nut to make the pull-burst screw firmly.
8. Cover the screw cover.
9. Install the toilet cover.

I suppose this is the inevitable consequence of programmes such as Google translate and Babel fish!


twosheilasandadog said...

It makes Ikea instructions appear almost comprehensible! Good luck with the installation.
F x

Michael House said...

At least it mentions the 'back side'