Sunday, 1 March 2009

Spring is coming....

....And our thoughts turn to gardening and construction.

There are definite signs of spring everywhere. Yesterday was spent paying some attention to the much neglected garden. The plants that had been killed by frost were removed and others cut back and the lawn mowed for the first time. The crocuses that I planted a few years ago are in bloom and the daffodils will be open by next week. I also fished out a pile of decaying leaves and paper from the bottom of the pond, disturbing newt in the process!

Meantime evenings have been spent discussing the pros and cons of various types of plasterboard. The next stage of the house is the construction of the internal walls and ceilings. The quotes we have had from professionals are rather expensive and the plasterboard itself is twice as expensive in France, so the plan is to fill up the van and drive it down (at least it was until Eurotunnel decided to change the rules about how much we could put in the van). Our task in March is to mark out the walls and in April we are going down to build them with Ian's friend. Last weekend Ian visited his cousin (a plasterboard expert) to discuss the various construction techniques, how to get the walls strong enough to hang toilets off them and how to soundproof them, so now I am keeping my fingers crossed that a) he can remember the instructions and b) I don't have to spend my week lifting 6 foot sheets of board!

I should also add that in my loft we currently have two wall hung wash basins, four toilet frames and a two single beds. In the car are four toilets awaiting transfer to the loft! As Ian has just pointed out we have two toilets each. He also pointed out that by doing the walls ourselves we can save the cost of two llamas!