Wednesday, 25 March 2009

We are infamous again

It seems that Eastbourne is in the news again; in fact, twice in one evening. The first story is rather sad and concerns the murder of man in his yacht off Thailand when he disturbed three men trying to steal a dingy. His wife was tied up and then forced to help them sail the boat back to shore. Original reports said the couple were from Eastbourne, although it turns out they were actually from Hastings, down the coast a bit.

The second story, which also made national news, was that three people died in our local hospital of Clostridium Difficile. I had the dubious pleasure of being a guest in said hospital four years ago. Several patients in my ward had clostridium as I overheard the nurses talking about it. I remember only too well the sounds and smells and tried to remember not to let anyone touch me without first checking that they had washed their hands! I was then transfered to a renal unit which had all the modern infection control procedures and equipment and was quite reassured until I overheard the ambulance man (who had just transferred a rather mad patient onto the unit and placed him in the bed opposite me) telling the staff that the patient had MRSA. At this point he was picking up papers, cups, and anything else to hand and throwing them around the ward. I decided I was well enough to leave!

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