Sunday, 29 March 2009

Gang of six

The cottage smallholder commented about the jackdaws building a nest in her chimney and their cousins here are also doing the same. What is it about chimneys that attracts them? They also seem to operate as a gang at nest building and feeding times. We have about 6 of them. Two stay up in the trees and look out for any danger, two complete the ground lookout and two collect the nesting material or food. One of their favourites is the moss that I line the hanging baskets with. In fact, they like it so much that they will come right up to the house to take a bit from the wall baskets. I have often opened the back door to see the watchman on the wall looking out and just caught sight of the other flying off with half my basket in his beak!

At least once a year one falls out of the nest and down the chimney and I hear it tapping around in the chimney breast. I have learnt from bitter experience that the best way to get it out is to open up the chimney breast, open the window and leave the room. After about 20 minutes they normally work it out for themselves!

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